Urgent Estate Planning

“What If I Need An Estate Plan Quickly?”


In my 24 years of estate planning, I’ve encountered two main types of what I’ll call urgent estate planning:

  • Vacation estate planning
  • Deathbed estate planning

Vacation estate planning

To quote the Welsh singer Tom Jones, “it’s not unusual” to have long-planned but never acted-upon concerns about what would happen if you didn’t come back from your vacation or trip out of town.  If you intend to act on those concerns before you leave town, I can help.  Contact me as soon as possible before leaving town.

Deathbed estate planning

Unfortunately, some leave this important task until the very last opportunity.  I have helped numerous individuals in this difficult situation.  To such, I offer timely competence, empathetic experience, and patient understanding.  If you or a loved one are in need, please contact me.